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The JobWale: College Placement and Hiring Portal for
Students, TPO, and Companies

Welcome to our dynamic and innovative dashboard, a centralized platform that caters to students, colleges, and companies alike. Seamlessly bridging the gap between education and industry, our dashboard empowers each user group with specialized tools and insights to facilitate meaningful interactions and collaborations.

Seamlessly Centralize Hiring Processes with The Jobwale

Your all-in-one platform for college placements, connecting students, TPOs, and companies, liberating you from scattered third-party apps.

Our key Features

Profile Customization

Tailor your profile to showcase skills and aspirations, increasing your chances of connecting with the right opportunities.

Real time placement updates

Get instant notifications about job openings and interview schedules, ensuring you’re always informed and ready for placements.

Interview scheduling

Easily coordinate interview slots, send reminders, and manage changes in real time, ensuring smooth and conflict-free scheduling.

Automated Workflows

Streamline tasks like application reviews and interview coordination through automated processes, saving time & enhancing efficiency.

Document Management

Centralize documents and files for easy access and sharing, reducing paperwork and promoting efficient collaboration.

Data Security

Rest assured with advanced encryption and authentication, safeguarding personal information and maintaining data integrity.

The Jobwale Serves to

Student-Centric Tools

Access personalized resources and career guidance to excel in your journey. Find opportunities, enhance skills, and create a strong professional foundation.

  • Limitless Opportunities

  • Efficient Time Management

  • Tailored Matches

  • Rapid administration process

TPO-Enhancing Features

Simplify placements with automated workflows and powerful tools. Streamline processes, track progress, and connect students with industry for successful career paths.

  • Effortless software process

  • Real time updates

  • Strong industry Networks

  • Effortless interview scheduling

  • Strong communication

Company-Focused Solutions

Discover top talent effortlessly. Engage with students, streamline hiring, and ensure a seamless recruitment process. Find your ideal candidates and drive success.

  • Customization for Educational Institutions

  • Seamless Integration with Curriculum

  • Industry-Specific Networking

  • Skill Enhancement Pathways

Unique Selling Propositions



Multi-platform Compatibility



24/7 Quarry

Application Management

Communication & Notification

Know More About The JobWale

Unveil the power of Job Wale through our informative video. Gain insights into how our platform revolutionizes the job search experience. From personalized job recommendations to streamlined application processes, explore how Job Wale empowers students, companies, and placement officers alike. Watch the video to see how we’re redefining the way careers are built.

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Frequently Ask Question

You can track the status of your appointment by logging into your Jobwale account and accessing the “Appointments” section. Here, you’ll find details about your scheduled appointments, including dates, times, and any updates regarding changes or confirmations.

 Absolutely! We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with relevant job opportunities. To receive notifications about new job postings that match your interests, go to your account settings and enable job alert notifications. You’ll be notified via email or app notifications whenever new job postings align with your preferences.

Navigating the interview scheduling process is easy. Once you’re shortlisted for an interview by an employer, you’ll receive a notification. Log in to your Jobwale account, visit the “Interviews” section, and choose a suitable time slot from the available options. After confirming, you’ll receive a confirmation with all the necessary details.

 There’s no set limit to the number of job applications you can submit through our platform. We encourage you to apply to as many relevant job postings as you’d like. However, we recommend focusing on roles that align with your skills and career goals to enhance your chances of success.

 If you need to withdraw or cancel your application for a job, log in to your Jobwale account and navigate to the “Applications” section. Find the job application you wish to withdraw and select the option to cancel or withdraw. Please note that it’s courteous to provide a reason for your withdrawal, especially if you’ve been shortlisted for an interview.

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